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"What gentle youth I would allure" “I created Real Sappho Letters as the ultimate erotic and unique experience. Real, everyday people send me their sexiest stories, then I find the youngest and hottest girls to read and re-create the letters, sharing their normally private life with us. Our 18 year old narrators warms up the viewer at the beginning of each letter. When the action starts all you see and hear is real uninterrupted sex.” “Real people, real stories, real sex”

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Porn star :

Nikki Lane, Faith Adams, Tianna Lynn, Kali , Jade Marx

Label :

Purrrfect Video Productions

Porn director :

Frank Bongiorno

Length :

78 minutes

HD quality :


Year :


Size :

401 Mo

Sapho-porn-video-6649-part-1   Sapho-porn-video-6649-part-2   Sapho-porn-video-6649-part-3   Sapho-porn-video-6649-part-4
Sapho-porn-video-6650-part-1   Sapho-porn-video-6650-part-2   Sapho-porn-video-6650-part-3   Sapho-porn-video-6650-part-4
Sapho-porn-video-6651-part-1   Sapho-porn-video-6651-part-2   Sapho-porn-video-6651-part-3   Sapho-porn-video-6651-part-4
Sapho-porn-video-6652-part-1   Sapho-porn-video-6652-part-2   Sapho-porn-video-6652-part-3   Sapho-porn-video-6652-part-4
Sapho-porn-video-6653-part-1   Sapho-porn-video-6653-part-2   Sapho-porn-video-6653-part-3   Sapho-porn-video-6653-part-4
Sapho-porn-video-6654-part-1   Sapho-porn-video-6654-part-2   Sapho-porn-video-6654-part-3   Sapho-porn-video-6654-part-4
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